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Dr. Lorraine Sarullo, DC is a leading, holistic chiropractor and pain specialist serving Brisbane and the surrounding communities in San Francisco and the northern Peninsula. She offers a unique combination of advanced technologies and a modern form of chiropractic, her own blend of integrated muscle rehabilitation and joint release that restores proper motion, posture and tackles pain. Dr. Lorraine considers herself a "musculoskeletal sculptor," employing skills she developed in sculpture and working in clay. The key to her success in chiropractic is her in-depth analysis, diagnosis and skillful method of treating the root cause of her patient's dysfunction.

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The catalyst for my becoming a chiropractor came from my pregnancy and my own history of chronic pain. All those years of unaddressed injuries from the monkey bars, sports injuries, repetitive stresses and motor vehicle accidents. It all had taken its toll and now pregnancy made matters much worse. My body felt twisted up and I had to use a walker to get from point A to point B.

Many chiropractors are called to the profession from being helped by a chiropractor. And, that is part of my story, but the real reason I was searching was to find help for my baby.

We were living in South San Francisco and I was a worried new mom. My baby was often on alarm, having intense reactions to sound, light, separation anxiety and bouts of intense crying after waking from afternoon naps. He was extremely difficult to console and would frequently cry for over an hour after a nap. His head was twisted off to the left and he never crawled. I didn't know what to do. And, I didn't accept the notion of it being his "temperament" as was suggested by his physician. I started taking early childhood education courses at Skyline College, in the hopes of finding some answers. Luckily, I did in one unique class with a teacher named Lori, in her lecture on birth trauma. After researching the potential effects of birth trauma, I realized my baby's traumatic birth was the cause of his difficulties.

I found a referral for my baby to a chiropractor in San Francisco on the Early Trauma Treatment and Trainings website by Terry Larimore and decided to test it out on myself first. At that time, I thought chiropractic was only for back pain, so I waited until my back started hurting again (didn't wait long since I was had chronic, recurring pain). On my first visit I had a profound experience. My first thought was "I want to learn how to do this magic" since I didn't know what else to call it. Both my son and I benefited greatly from our care program with Dr. Peter (now practicing in Colorado.)

The thought of becoming a chiropractor hounded me daily until I succumbed a few short years later. I now know it was my calling and just wish it would have happened in a different way. And, here is the difficult knowledge that I must live with every day: I eventually figured out was that it was my twisted up pelvis that was the most likely cause of my son's birth trauma. If only I could take back time.

From participating in a program of chiropractic care, my son and I found ourselves in a much better place healthy-wise. We seemed to be thriving, even through the most stressful times. I realized we weren't getting sick as frequently as we had before and when we did get sick it was over more quickly. Not only did my pain reduce, but my allergies seemed to improve greatly. I felt physically better than I had in a long time. My son grew in confidence and seemed to handle life's stress in better ways.

I laugh at my previous notion that chiropractic was only for back pain! It can help with so much more. Never again will I underestimate the impact of moving well on how it can help anyone feel well and live well. And, that applies to any area in the body (whether ankles, knees, spine,...shoulders.) As I chiropractor, I see those benefits in my patients every day.

My only wish is that I had seen a chiropractor before I was pregnant, before I felt twisted or when I noticed the daily pain, because it would have saved a lot of suffering. For someone like me, when I was pregnant and my baby after his birth, we should have been under chiropractic care.

It is true, much good can come from our most difficult challenges. I share this harsh lesson to help other expectant mothers and other people in chronic pain know that there is another path available to them besides suffering. This is my core reason for becoming a chiropractor -- to share with others that same "magic" that I had discovered, that same "magic" that helps my son and I live a better, fuller, happier life!

I am grateful and honored to have been called to chiropractic and I am here to serve in the most honorable way...for the highest good of all concerned.

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